Ourlives “Blissful Ignorance” Lyric Video

Watch the new lyric video for Ourlives' “Blissful Ignorance” now on YouTube. The song appears on the band’s forthcoming album Den of Lions which will be available at digital retailers and on limited edition vinyl on October 14th. Get an instant download of the song when you pre-order the album at iTunes or on vinyl at the Spartan store!

The Foxery’s Debut Album “Unless” Available Now!

The debut album from Louisville’s avant-garde indie-rock band The Foxery, Unless, is available now at digital retailers worldwide and on limited edition vinyl!  Listen to the album in its entirety at AltPress.com and then download your copy at iTunes or wherever you buy digital music — or pick up the album on limited edition, hand-numbered vinyl at the Spartan store, Amazon, or Bandcamp!

With today’s release of Unless, fans and critics are quickly discovering Louisville’s best kept secret. As AltPress.com recently said, “the album moves mountains as a whole, one 47-minute monolith that contains many peaks and valleys.” Confounding arrangements, complex songwriting and bizarre personalities help separate the band from their peers and if their debut is of any evidence, The Foxery are here to stay.

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Watch Young Fox Perform “Diet of Worms” (Live in “The Foxhole”)

Go inside the Young Fox practice space, aka “The Foxhole,” and watch them perform the song “Diet of Worms.” The song comes from the band’s debut EP, Predecessors, which is available now at digital retailers everywhere! Watch the video below and then download the EP at iTunes or the Spartan store!

Shy, Low “Absence” Live at Little Elephant

Shy, Low recently stopped by Little Elephant and performed several live songs. Watch the jaw-dropping performance for “Absence” below and stay tuned for another video of a brand new song next week. The song appears on the band’s Binary Opposition release which is available now in its second vinyl pressing and at digital outlets everywhere. Get it now at the Spartan store.

When The Foxery get together for jam session, you never know what you’re going to get. Head to EatGeekPlay.com and join the band for the first installment of “Jam Sessions,” where they take you inside the kitchen and show you how to make your very own homemade Strawberry Jalapeño Jam!

The band’s debut album, Unless, is out everywhere on September 9th and is currently available for pre-order on limited edition vinyl and iTunes!

The Foxery Debut “Patmos” at AbsolutePunk.net!

Avant-indie band The Foxery has released a gripping new song called “Patmos” with Absolutepunk.net today. The song is featured on the band’s unconventional debut full-length, Unless, which will be released on limited edition vinyl and at digital outlets everywhere on September 9th!  Pre-order the album now at iTunes or on limited edition vinyl at the Spartan store and you’ll receive an instant download of the song “Broken Vessels.”

As listeners can tell from “Patmos” and their recently released track “Broken Vessels,” The Foxery is not your typical band. The Louisville six-piece criss-crosses genres, weaving elements of indie and alternative rock with post-rock and punk with a sense of unrelenting intensity.

The band’s vast wealth of eccentric creativity plays a heavy hand on their debut, resulting in bizarre song-structures, offbeat rhythms/riffs and unorthodox layering of vocals among other things. And yet, as peculiar as the music is it’s completely accessible, and draws you into its story with each passing song; as can be heard on “Patmos.”

“‘Patmos’ is probably our best example of complete equal contribution from the entire band,” says guitarist/vocalist Cadillac Young. Every person in the band wrote a part, and then we placed them all together in a cohesive manner and tweaked each other’s parts until it was what you’re listening to now.”

“It’s a song inspired by growing up in the Midwest and having beliefs and ideas on what happiness is and how it should be achieved shoved down our throats since birth — and then eventually coming to our own conclusion that happiness is an abstract concept that is defined by the individual, and as long as one person’s happiness doesn’t infringe upon another’s, we should all just support each other and work together to enjoy this big ball of dirt and water that we live on.”

“And then again, maybe it’s just a song about how we don’t know anything and we’re just as confused now as we’ve ever been. It’s the second to last song on the record and although we were trying to resolve everything and wrap up on a positive note, we didn’t want to write anything too absolute. Nothing is absolute.”

“Patmos” and “Broken Vessels” are two parts of the greater message conveyed with Unless, which fans will come to realize after listening to the new record.

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The Foxery “Broken Vessels” Lyric Video

The Foxery's debut album, Unless, will be available on limited edition vinyl and at digital retailers everywhere in less than a month on September 9th!  Watch the new lyric video for the song “Broken Vessels” and then pre-order your copy of the album on limited edition, hand-numbered vinyl or at iTunes.  Whether you pick up the album on vinyl or digitally, all pre-orders come with an instant download of “Broken Vessels!”  Now, is life good or what?!?!

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